Executive Staff

Sheila Robinson, Executive Director

Sheila Robinson is the founder and executive director of I AM A LEADER. With more than 20 years of experience in corporate America in leadership roles ranging from project management to global marketing, Sheila realized that she, and many other women, were simply bypassed on the executive development track. As a result, she developed a passion for mentoring and leadership development for women, particularly women of various ethnic backgrounds.

In 2004, Sheila decided to follow her passion. Her first step was launching a regional publication, Career Network magazine, geared toward helping individuals in North Carolina who were experiencing the same types of obstacles she had faced throughout her career. Career Network provided ideas, solutions, and resources to business professionals, from recent college graduates to high-level executives. Sheila also organized several Women’s Leadership Empowerment Conferences aimed at connecting female business leaders.

Sheila’s next step was to launch a national magazine, Diversity Woman. With its tagline “Leadership Empowerment for Women Who Mean Business,” the magazine is a thought-provoking and entertaining resource for female executives and entrepreneurs of all races and backgrounds—and the only magazine geared specifically toward this sizeable demographic.

I AM A LEADER is the nonprofit extension of Sheila’s desire to create executive development programs and services designed to support a diverse group of women and girls in reaching their full potential. Through online and offline programs and services that are easily accessible and tailored to the lifestyles and ambitions of women and girls, I AM A LEADER addresses the historic under-representation of women in corporations, the marketplace, politics, public service, and other leadership roles and to continually fill the pipeline with talented women of all races, cultures, and backgrounds.