Programs & Services

I AM A LEADER seeks to address the historic under-representation of women in corporations, the marketplace, politics, public service, and other leadership roles and to continually fill the pipeline with talented women of all races, cultures, and backgrounds. I AM A LEADER’s programs and services support underserved women and girls across the lifetime continuum at three levels:

  • Emerging Leaders. I AM A LEADER offers workshops and programs tailored to the needs of professional women seeking to acquire new heights of learning development, access, and achievement. The goal is to enable women to move forward – both personally and professionally – in a way that matches their lifestyles and ambitions.
  • Future Leaders. Through educational activities and networking opportunities specifically designed to prepare and mentor college-going women, I AM A LEADER utilizes a positive youth development model and a pivotal mentorship program to expose and connect college-going women to the people and pathways who can inform and support their professional growth and development.
  • At-Promise Leaders. At this level, I AM A LEADER offers youth development supports for school age children to learn about different career and college options, develop leadership skills, and to also cultivate among these students the mindset and skill set to achieve postsecondary success.

I AM A LEADER is the nonprofit extension of Diversity Woman Media – an integrated print, event, and online business focused on leadership development, mentoring, skill enhancement, and empowerment of smart, savvy women of all races, cultures, and backgrounds in support of their career and business goals.

For more information on upcoming programs and services, contact I AM A LEADER’s Strategic Initiatives Director Ingrid Padgett at